Professional Guitarist

Myrtle Beach, SC


Guitar Lessons

TMoody teaches lessons at

GuitarZan in Myrtle Beach, SC


Your Instructor...     
  • is committed to maximizing your potential
  • has 20+ years experience teaching guitar
  • has 10+ years as a FULL-TIME performer
  • has 5 full length PUBLISHED original CD's        
  • is reliable, dependable, professional
  • offers you weekly or drop-in lessons
  • is a Myrtle Beach native and owner of GuitarZan
You will learn...     
  • How to read tablature (guitar sheet music)
  • ENTIRE songs of your choice (not just intros)
  • How to de-mystify the puzzle of scales
  • How to play killer lead riffs    
  • Basic guitar repairs and maintenance    
  • How to buy a good guitar... cheap!
  • Performance tricks and tips​

Ready to master your axe? Lessons from TMoody can help you reach your maximum potential.

This playlist features fun guitar clips and shreds TMoody does off stage.

Many more videos are available at TMoody's official YouTube channel.

Guitar Player Magazine's "Editors Choice!"